Message from the Chairman

Dr. Prasert Patramai Chairman of the Board
A tide of political, economic and social changes swept across the country in 2014. Many entities and sectors were forced to weather the storm.

For the past 36 years since its inception, TEAM GROUP has witnessed a series of changes and challenges. However it can still sustain growth and leadership in integrated multidisciplinary consultancy. Credibility, trust, and respect that inspire others are not generated by a single factor. Rather, these attributes are established by a combination of contributing assets. For us, more than 2,500 projects in the country and overseas underscore our credibility.

TEAM GROUP has established many bases to extend services at the international level including TEAM Consulting International Co., Ltd. (TEAMi), which provides one-stop services regarding consultancy in terms of engineering, environmental stewardship, and general management in neighboring countries. This is a strong foundation to boost capacity in providing services internationally and achieving our vision, “To be a Regional Leader in the integrated consulting and related businesses”.

With such foundations, TEAM GROUP will continue to maintain its position as a leading and proud competitor in the regional market over the years to come.

Dr. Prasert Patramai
Chairman of the Board

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