Message from the President

Chawalit Chantaararat

The world’s economic, social, and political fluctuation; the changes of leaders and economic giants; and disruptive technology have vastly affected people’s lifestyles, occupations and businesses. With a positive view, TEAM GROUP adopts those changes as our opportunities to develop, grow, and move forward with sustainability.

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is continuously growing. With this positive opportunity, TEAM GROUP has successfully extended its integrated consulting business to all 10 countries of the region. This is one of the targets of TEAM GROUP’s Strategic Vision towards 2020 - to be the leader in the integrated consulting and related businesses in the region. In addition, last year, Thailand saw an expanding economy, and thanks to support from the government, especially with infrastructure projects, TEAM GROUP, in consequence, enjoyed continued growth of nine percent. 

Through the use of digital technology, TEAM GROUP enhances its efficiency both in operations and services in a bid to obtain competitive advantage and win ultimate satisfaction from clients both locally and internationally. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone enables higher accuracy in site survey, topographic survey, high resolution 3D mapping, and detailed design. The use of BIM/CIM (Building and Construction Information Modeling) in 3D building design delivers conflict inspection and enables correction before construction. It also helps in construction process planning and material quantity calculating Mathematical modeling also enables calculating, analysis and simulation of various situations such as walking through the building and emergency evacuation. BIM/CIM helps in the design of building components as well as improvement or modification of the design to obtain the most appropriate proportion for convenience and safety, with lower construction cost.

TEAM GROUP is determined to provide excellent services in its integrated consulting and related businesses by continuing to develop the best applicable technology to enhance its services both in local and international markets. We are now ready to be the leader in ASEAN according to our Strategic Vision towards 2020.



Mr. Chawalit Chantararat
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