Water Resources & Hydropower

Land Development for Betano Refinery, The Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

Client: Timor GAP, E.P.
Consultant: ATT Consultants Co., Ltd. (ATT)

Realizing the importance of petroleum source development to secure national energy stability and create job opportunities for the local people, Timor GAP, which is the national oil company of Timor-Leste, demanded a survey study for development of petroleum and natural gas along the southern coast of the country. Betano was designated as the center of refineries and petrochemical industry.

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Survey and Detailed Design of Koh Kong Dam

Client: L.Y.P. Group Co., Ltd
Consultant: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.

The survey and design of Koh Kong Dam Project is due to the result of water supply shortage during April and June of each year. The amount of water supply in Koh Kong municipality and its vicinity for consumption have been increased continuously. The current water resources for the production of water supply have insufficient capacity during that period. Hence, TEAM GROUP was engaged to survey and design of Dam at Koh Kong Province, Cambodia. The dam is located approximately 10 km. from Koh Kong, and is earth-fill type, height 35 m, crest length 383 m. The spillway is ogee crest (bath tub type) PMF out flow 413 m3/s. The reservoir at active storage is 3.5 MCM.

Nam Lik Keng Luang Hydropower Project, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Client: D.M.D. Co., Ltd.
Consultant: TEAM LAO Co., Ltd.

The Nam Lik River has its origin at the Phou Khoun Mountain in Luang Prabang and converges with the Nam Ngum River slightly downstream the Nam Ngum 1 Hydropower Project. The Department of Planning and Investment and the Department of Energy and Mine of Vientiane Province planned the Nam Lik 1 and Nam Lik Keng Luang Hydropower Projects to generate electricity for domestic consumption. The Nam Lik 1 HPP is under construction and an MOU was signed with the D.M.D., a potential local developer, for development of Nam Lik Keng Luang HPP at Kasi District of Vientiane Province. D.M.D. engaged TEAM LAO (a member of TEAM GROUP) to perform a technical study for all alternative development schemes, propose the most appropriate scheme, and carry out a bankable feasibility study on the selected scheme.

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Data Preparation for PCKK Flood Modeling for Kumozu and Shinano River Basins

Client: Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. (PCKK)
Consultant: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.
Services: Preparation of topographic data for PCKK flood modeling

To assist PCKK in carrying out the main agreement with the Japanese government, TEAM GROUP provided services on data input preparation using GIS including: (a) attunement of laser profile (LP) data for model input; (b) creation of mesh data from the attuned LP data; and (c) grid level and schematization (dike alignment).

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