Water Resources & Hydropower

Construction of Navigation Dams on the Chao Phraya and Nan Rivers

Client: Marine Department, Ministry of Transport
ATT Consultants Co., Ltd. (ATT)
Services: Study and detailed design

In the navigation channel of the Chao Phraya River, Thailand’s major transportation artery, cargo vessels are currently only able to go upstream to Ang Thong, which is 180 km from the sea. The Marine Department thus initiated a project on construction of a lower navigation dam in the Phrom Buri District of Sing Buri and an upper one in the Phayuha Khiri District of Nakhon Sawan. The project will enable vessels to go 477 km upstream from the sea until Taphan Hin District in Phichit which will be navigable all year round, and can thus reduce national transportation costs.

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Master Planning for River Basin Development (Study Areas of Chao Phraya, Sakae Krang and Pa Sak River Basins)

Client: Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)
Consultant: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.
Services: Feasibility study and master planning

The PWA desires to formulate a master plan for water resource development in the Chao Phraya, Sakae Krang and Pa Sak river basins, which cover the areas of Nakhon Sawan, Chai Nat, Lop Buri, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani, Uthai Thani, Phetchabun and Sara Buri. The master plan will propose strategies for provision of sufficient raw water sources for short- and longterm production of pipe water. To support the PWA,

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Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Project, Lao PDR

Client: CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited / SouthEast Asia Energy Limited / Nam Ngum 2 Power Company Limited
Consultant: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd. /  ATT Consultants Co., Ltd.

Nam Ngum 2 Hydroelectric Power Project is located at Baan Huay Bor, Vientiane. The project was constructed, managed, and supported by a group of Thai investors focused on GMS market. The concrete faced rockfill dam of 181 m in height, and 485 m in length will be built in a steep narrow gorge creating a reservoir of 6,774 Mm3 capacities at the full supply level of 375 msl. , and a power house installed with a 615 MW capacity. Three generators with an annual capacity of 2,218 GWh of electricity will be installed. The electricity will be exported to Thailand via the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, thus boosting the economy of Lao PDR.

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Construction Project of Flood Protection and Drainage Systems of Bangchak Petroleum’s Solar Power Plants

Client: Bangchak Petroleum PCL
TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd.
Services: Study and conceptual design

Aware of the importance of eco-friendly alternative energy development to help mitigate the effects of global warming and reduce the import of fuels, Bangchak Petroleum has invested in solar power projects since 2012. In 2013, it implemented Phase 3, which consisted of four 8 MW solar power plants – in the Takhian Sub-district of Dan Khun Thot District in Nakhon Ratchasima; the Bu Krasang Sub-district of Nong Ki District in Buriram; the Salaeng Thon Sub-district of Prakhon Chai District in Buriram; and the Hua Takhe Sub-district of Bamnet Narong District in Chaiyaphum, and a 16 MW solar power plant in the Na Khaem Sub-district of Kabin Buri District in Prachin Buri. The five power houses are expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2014.

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