Green Building


Through our complete suite of Green Building Services, we support our clients on both New Construction and Existing Building to achieve sustainability and energy-efficiency goals over their wilding lifespan buildings from end to end.

-   Green Building Feasibility Study & Assessment
-   Green Project Management Consulting & Green Building Certification Consulting
-   Green Building Design Services & Construction Consulting
-   Energy Modeling & Analysis
-   Building Commissioning Authority Services (CxA)
-   Measurement and Verification (M&V)
-   Energy Management & Building Efficiency Retrofit
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"ทิศทางอาคารเขียวไทย ดีอย่างไร ทำไมต้องลงทุน"

Our Featured Projects

We offer an entire spectrum of services to our clients across market sectors
PTT Innovation Park
Client : PTT Public Co., Ltd.
Location: Wangnoi, Ayutthaya Scope of Service: Green Building Design Services

Phuket National Conference Center
Client : The Treasury Department
Location: Phuket
Scope of Service:  Project Managment Consulting

Pollution Control Department
Client : Pollution Control Department (PCD)
Location: 21 government buildings in Bangkok
Scope of Service: PCD Green Building Assessment & Cost Analysis System for Decision Making

TOP Group Innovation Center
Client : Thai Oil Public Co., Ltd.
Location : Wangnoi, Ayutthaya
Scope of Service:  Green Building Design Services
Boonthavorn Huahin
Client : Boonthavorn Co., Ltd.
Location : Hua Hin
Scope of Service: TREES Certification Consulting

Provincial Electricity Authority
Client : Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
Location :  4 PEA buildings  
Scope of Service:  LEED Assessment  & Design Consulting for Existing Buildings



What can GREEN BUILDING do for me?
Source: USGBC (2012); WGBC (2013)

Research studies reveal that green building design and construction has become more achievable and becoming a norm.

Cost premium for green buildings on average ranges from 0-11% more than conventional buildings depending on the level of certification and yields a promising payback period between 3 -10 years together with numerous benefits.
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“Make your building outperform”

Step 1 – Assess Your Needs
Step 2 – Form a Team
Step 3 – Design for Your Conditions
Step 4 – Green Construction
Step 5 – Make It Happen!
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“Transform your building”

Step 1 – Assess Your Needs
Step 2 – Identify Potential Areas for Improvement
Step 3 – Establish Your Goal & Upgrade Initiatives
Step 4 – Implement & Track Performance
Step 5 – Make It Happen!
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