Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for Overhead Cable Replacement with Underground Cable System: Nonsi Project

Client : Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA)
Services : Detailed design, construction supervision, and progress reporting

In response to the government policy, the MEA initiated a project to improve electricity distribution in Bangkok by replacing overhead cables with underground cables in order to enhance Bangkok’s landscape and increase public orderliness. For underground medium-voltage (MV 12/24KV) and low-voltage electricity distribution systems, the project would carry out both surface and non-surface construction. For the high-voltage system (HV 69/115KV), the project would deploy pipe-jacking construction. The project also covered the construction of the Nonsi Switching Unit Station; the procurement, installation and testing of electrical equipment and system; survey of existing manholes; the installation of electricity poles and devices for electricity distribution; and training.


TEAM GROUP was assigned with the tasks on detailed design, data collection monitoring, construction supervision, coordinating with relevant agencies, and handling complaints as well as removing any obstacles during construction and reporting to the MEA for consideration. Progress reports were also prepared and submitted to the MEA on a regular basis.