Expansion of Provincial Water Supply, Koh Samui Branch, Phase 1, Part 2

Client : Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA)

Service : Construction Supervision

To solve the water supply problem in Koh Samui, the Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) decided to expand its provincial water supply service for Koh Samui Branch, Phase 1, Part 2 by installing submarine raw water pipe from Ban Din Daeng Samakkhi, Pak Phraek Sub-district, Don Sak District, Surat Thani Province to Ban Phang Ka in Koh Samui.


The project included the installation of high-yield strength steel pipe of 700 mm diameter on Surat Thani main land at the length of 34 km; the installation of submarine PN 10 HDPE pipe of 800 mm diameter at the length of 20 km; and the construction of landfalls of HDPE pipe connecting to the high-yield strength steel pipe at the Phang Ka Bay. The project also covered the design for future connecting points with on-shore pipes, and electrical and controlling systems. TEAM GROUP was assigned as the Project’s construction supervision consultant.