Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project: Dam Instrumentation and Geological Consultancy Services

Clients : Obayashi Corporation, Nam Ngiep 1  Power Co., Ltd.

Services : Supply, installation and monitoring of dam instruments, preparation of reports and operation manuals, consultancy services for geological works

Nam Ngiep 1 HPP is a 290 MW hydropower project under construction in Bolikhamxay Province, Lao PDR. The project consists of two dams and powerhouses and other appurtenant structures. The main RCC dam (167 m. high, 530 m. long) will create a water storage reservoir covering a 67 area extending into Xaysomboun Province, the main powerhouse will generate about 272 MW of electricity for export to Thailand and will release water to a regulating reservoir at the downstream where a re-regulation dam (20 m. high, 90 m. long) and powerhouse will generate about 18 MW of electricity for domestic use.


TEAM GROUP was assigned by the clients to supply, install and monitor all instruments at the main dam, and prepare of reports and operation manuals. TEAM GROUP also provided geological consultancy services such as detailed geological mapping and interpretation, site supervision, as well as geological related design review, comment and approval.