Metropolitan Water Productivity Enhancement

Client : Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)

Services :  Construction Supervision

To meet the ever-increasing demand for water supply and water services in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan, the MWA decided to expand its productivity and transmission tunnel network.


TEAM GROUP has been involved in the development of Maha Sawat Water Treatment Plant in Nonthaburi since 1995 and was entrusted, in 2009, with the design of phase 4 and its accompanying transmission conduit.


A scheme to increase its productivity was divided into eight phases, each of which was planned to increase daily production capacity by 400,000 cu.m. Upon its completion of phase 4, the plant will be able to produce 1.6 million cu.m./day of water for Bangkok’s Thon Buri side and for Nonthaburi. When all eight phases are finished in 2017, the total production capacity will amount to 3.2 million cu.m./day.


TEAM GROUP also supervised the installation of 300 cu.m./minute pump engines at the Pumping Station 3, Bang Khen Water Treatment Plant, a large water plant with a water production capacity of 3.6 million cu.m./day supplying most areas of Bangkok. The installation will enhance the MWA’s water productivity and distribution and help it to meet increasing demand.


In the eastern area of Bangkok, we designed and supervised the construction of a 3,200 mm-diameter transmission tunnel from the Highway No. 351 Intersection, running beneath Kanchanaphisek (East portion) Road, to merge with the existing tunnel around Thap Chang Intersection. Water will be distributed through this 13-km long tunnel to those communities which currently rely on groundwater, a cause of land subsidence. The tunnel will also increase water supply for the Lat Krabang and Bang Phli pumping stations and so help to accommodate growth in industrial zones in the vicinity of Suvarnabhumi Airport.