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Home Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Mr. Sanit Rangnoi

Chairman of the Board

During Thailand’s initial drive towards social and economic development, multi-national consulting companies played important roles in this context and rapidly extended their businesses in the country. However, it was too early for Thai engineers to play any significant roles. However, with a strong belief in the potential of Thai engineers and their competitiveness at the global level, TEAM Consulting Engineers Company Limited was founded in 1978.


With just a few Thai engineers and a small number of staff, the Company initially delivered services related to water resources and environmental management. It later expanded into a multidisciplinary consultancy with numerous clients in Thailand and in the ASEAN region. Today, we have proudly transformed into “TEAM GROUP” or TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Public Company Limited.


For more than four decades, we have been growing in conjunction with the development of Thailand and the evolution of ASEAN. As the largest Thai consulting group, we have been involved in many outstanding development projects both domestically and internationally. With one-stop services from a team of more than 1,500 staff who wholeheartedly embrace the value of SQT – Service, Quality and Teamwork, we have accomplished over 2,500 projects.


Due to integration of all fields of expertise, we are prompt to provide services in related businesses. With advanced technologies and innovations, our world-class services are recognized by many leading organizations in Thailand and overseas. In addition to spearheading integrated consulting services and related businesses in Thailand, we also share our wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience for the benefit of society in general through cooperation with philanthropic organizations such as the TEAM GROUP Foundation and Red Cross on a regular basis.


I am highly grateful for all of your support. There is now a major opportunity for us to take the next big step towards a brighter future for TEAM GROUP. I pledge that all of our staff is committed to the sustainable growth of TEAM GROUP.