EIA for the Chana Power Plant Project

Client : Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)

Service : Environment Impact Assessments

The current installed capacity for electricity generation in Southern Thailand amounts to 2,485.58 MW. Major generators include the private Khanom thermal power plant in Nakhon Si Thammarat (824 MW), the Krabi thermal power plant in Krabi (340 MW) and the first unit of Chana combined cycle power plant in Songkhla (725 MW). To ensure sufficient electricity supply for economic and industrial development and to strengthen national energy stability, EGAT planned the construction of a second unit at Chana power plant in 2011 as a substitute for the Khanom power plant, which is due to close in 2016. Construction will take approximately 42 months. The new power plant, with an installed capacity of about 860 MW, is slated to operate in July 2014.


Having assessed the environmental impacts resulting from the construction and operation of the first unit, TEAM GROUP was entrusted with conducting social, environmental and health impact assessments for the second unit and, following this, the formulation of mitigation measures to ensure public acceptance of the second unit matched that of the first unit.