Mass Rapid Transit System for Bangkok Metropolis (Green Line Project) (Mo Chit-Saphan Mai -Lam Lukka)

Client : Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning

Services : Feasibility Study in Engineering, Economic, Financial and Investment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Survey and Detailed Design

The project is heavy rail MRT with distance of 25.5 kilometer, 20 stations carrying capacity of 40,000-50,000 passengers in each direction per hour, 6 cars per train, UIC 60 rails with the Third Rail System and E&M work. The Intermodal Transfer Facilities consists of park & ride building/parking area for taxi and public transport, depot and depot OCC.


The viaduct structure is supported of 2 tracks on the road median Phaholyothin Road and Lumlukka, The viaduct structure is supported of 2 tracks on the road  median with a total distance of 13.5 km. The typical span of viaduct is 35 meters on a single-column structure. The viaduct support structure is made of continuous box girder, 3 spans (105 meters), having 5 special length (50 meters and 60 meters).  The viaduct structure is concrete balanced cantilever.