The Monkey Cheeks of the Wetland Area to the North of Nakhon Sawan

Client : Royal Irrigation Department

Services : Feasibility Study and EIA

Floods that regularly occur in the Chao Phraya River Basin have a major impact on the country’s economy. As the situation is getting worse and floods are becoming more frequent, development of the lowland on both banks of the river to serve as the catchment area for inundation is necessary. It will also be another option for water resource management.


The Royal Irrigation Department has a development plan for the irrigated agricultural area and the wetland area to the north of Nakhon Sawan. TEAM GROUP was assigned to undertake the feasibility study and EIA of the catchment area – consonant with His Majesty the King’s Kaem Ling or monkey cheeks’ initiative – to the north of Nakhon Sawan to serve as a temporary catchment area and ease potential flood situations. With appropriate control and discharge of water, this water resource management scheme will benefit agricultural activity. The project’s important strategies are public relations and public participation activities which will raise awareness about the project and win support from the people.